CCU Bed no. 1


Miss,your hair has a beautiful hue
Uttered he,
As I approached that bed of CCU

I grinned, then smiled a little
Auscultating him
Eyeing poor ECG and vitals brittle

“So,tiny madam, today you’re in charge?”
“Yes, Sir!
I will be here for next 24 hours.”

“I cannot wait to get back home.
With my family
My pet
My balcony
And then work, if I am allowed some!”

“Yes Sir, you may!”
I assured,
“That is just few days away.”

Later that evening,
He collapsed
Was Resuscitated
Stablized with TPI
Ventilated for days
“I will live”, said his eyes
No prayers could disguise
His journey
Bound to rise..

(In memory of a patient of CAD:  S/P PCI who was stable and planned for the discharge in couple of days ,until that day when he was found to be disoriented, with irrelevant talks and child like behaviour later developing CHB and many more in progression.. one out of some unexpected, unforgettable duties and patients.
May his soul rests in peace.)

You will be fine

Faded smile and sadness in the eyes

Silenced you after endless cries

I understand, reasons are not dumb

Extremes of cold that made you numb


Broken heart, still full of tears

Healed wound but leftover scars

Keep faith, for these won’t forever remain

Someday, someone will make you smile again


Someone will come and will be very dear

Who will help you stand and overcome your fear

Who will heal your scars and end every pains

You’ll relish the rainbow after those heavy rains..

Love,like the rain!


precious to treasure
abysmal to measure
memories to cherish
hard to perish

And hence,
people care,devote and adore
expect same from the core
love with heart and soul
and vow to give it all

are saddened in thoughts
submerged in hurts
deceived in trust
misguided and lost

Yet again,
heart reconciles, or finds a way
with love spreading the magical ray
heals or overrides, wounds and pain
and love drizzles, like the winter rain!

You Shall Never Know

You give a smile,
out of the blue.
Suddenly by your charm,
you knock my heart.

Your gentle ways,
your warming words,
mesmerize my tender soul.
And I sit there, in a dream!

I know, I feel,
the growing fondness.
For you, slowly and silently.
The very love, to be denied.

You shall never know,
for, I shall never tell,
I shall never confide,
Sickness of love, hidden inside.

Nevertheless, you will be loved,
you will be in memories.
This labor of love, I shall endure
Until the day, my memories get seized..